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Critical Summary - Plan Ultimate 12 & Plan Legend 12

EzySim Critical Information Summary

365 Days Prepaid Plan

1.       Information About The Services

Plan Name Cost of Starter Pack Standard National Calls, SMS, and MMS Included Data in Australia Data Bank Minimum Term Cost Per GB
Ultimate 12
100 GB
365 Days
Legend 12
250 GB

The service provided is EzySim giving access to Vodafone 4G coverage. To use the service, you must first order and activate an EzySim Mobile SIM card which will enable you to make and receive domestic voice calls, SMS, MMS and provide access to data services. The service is provided by EzySim.

2.   Using Your Plan and Inclusions

To use this Plan, you must buy and activate an EzySim Mobile Physical or eSIM.
When you’re in Australia the following services are unlimited and included:
  • Calls to standard national fixed lines
  • Calls to standard national mobiles
  • Calls to 13, 1300 and 18 numbers
  • calls to voicemail standard national SMS and MMS
  • International Calls for applicable plans to 25 countries as specified in the table above.
  • Personal use only
All services not listed above, including but not limited to:
  • Calls made, SMS sent and Data used when you are roaming onto a network other than the Vodafone Digital Mobile Network, including Australian and international networks
  • SMS to international numbers
  • Premium and re-routed SMS
  • Voice call diverts
  • Any form of video calls
  • Use of the VHA Network that is for a commercial purpose or for resale by you
  • Any voice call, SMS or MMS which is rerouted by a third party and/or re-routed to an international destination or to a premium number or service.
Customers must have an active Roaming Add on’s or main balance in order to utilise international roaming. The countries, costs and rates related to the use of international roaming listed will be deducted from your main balance.

Please click here for more details:

Customers must have an active International add-on or main balance in order to utilise international calls.

The countries, costs and rates related to the use of international calls listed will be deducted from your main balance.

Please click here for more details.

You must bring your own unlocked device that meets network requirements. Your tablet or other device may not be capable of making calls or sending or receiving SMS and MMS. Note that 4G with VoLTE/WiFi enabled handset is the minimum network requirement to use our service. 3G handsets and 3G voice are no longer supported by Vodafone network.

Data banking is not available on the 365 Day plans.

If all current included plan data, data add-on, bonus and databank data is used before 365 days has elapsed, access to data will cease unless you have a main balance (excess data charged at $0.02/MB) or until you recharge or purchase a data pack or a new plan that includes data.

This Plan and your use of our network (including the unlimited use of standard national calls, SMS and MMS) is subject to the EzySim Mobile Acceptable Use Policy, available at EzySim website.

3.   Information About Pricing

There is no minimum contract term. If you cancel your service or port out, you will not be charged an early termination charge, however any remaining credit will not be refunded, and any unused data will be forfeited.
If Automatic Recharge is turned on, at the end of each 30-day period, the plan will automatically recharge by debiting the cost of your service using your stored payment details for further 30 day periods unless you turn Automatic Recharge off or terminate the service. Automatic Recharge will only be turned on by default if you have provided your payment card details to pre-authorise your purchase or you have stored your payment details. You can deselect the default automatic recharge option when signing up for the plan or you can turn it off or on at any time via your My EZYSIM Account
No additional cost. These calls are included in the cost of the recharge.
No additional cost. These SMS are included in the cost of the recharge.
Additional data charged at $0.02/MB. Charged in KB increments

4.   Other Information

Check your usage by downloading the EzySim App or in My Account online.

You will receive SMS usage alerts on your compatible device within 24 hours of reaching 50%, 85% or 100% of your Data and International Voice inclusions. These SMSs will not contain an unsubscribe facility.
You can check your balance, view your call history, and view your recharge history in My Account
You can find answers to our most frequently asked questions

If you have questions visit our help page Otherwise start a live chat with us through our website at Should you wish to access our complaint handling process, this can be found on our website.
This service uses the Vodafone network. Quality and availability may vary depending on your location, your phone, network congestion and network coverage. For more information visit:
** This is a summary only.
** Further terms and conditions regarding EzySim services can be found at

Ezysim empowers you to choose the best mobile plan and coverage for your needs.

EzySim operates on the Vodafone 5G/4G network