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It’s easy!
Head here to activate your SIM and follow the simple few steps.

For new number activation, it’ll only take a few minutes!

For number transfer (bring your existing number from another provider), it’ll take between 4 – 48 hours for your number to be transferred once you’ve initiated it

All you have to do is start activating your service Ezysim website. On the second step of the signup process, we’ll ask you if you want to keep your existing number or get a new one!

If you want to keep your existing number, just give us a few details during that step and we’ll do the rest. Too easy!

You will receive a port validation SMS OTP (One-Time Passwords) that you will need to reply to, please keep your original SIM card in your phone to allow receiving of this SMS and reply.

There are 2 easy ways to get a Ezysim SIM cards. You can order a Physical SIM online from Approximate time for delivery is 2 – 5 working days.

However if you want to buy and activate immediately order a EzySim eSIM, it will be delivered to your email inbox within a minutes along with instructions on how to activate your service and install your EzySim eSIM

Your phone will also need to be able to access the 5G,4G network.

Most of the devices sold in Australia are compatible with Ezysim SIMs. Many international devices will also work as along as its not locked to current or previous network provider. If that is the case, please speak to your past provider and request to unlock.

All latest devices from Apple, Samsung, Google Pixel and Oppo are compatible with EzySim eSim.

To know more about the EzySim eSim supported devices visit

With Ezysim you can bank upto 200GB of unused data and never expire as long as you have active valid plan.

Hit recharge button on or click on myaccount and log in and use credit card to recharge.

Alternatively, if you save your card and turn on the auto recharge it will renew your plan automatically without a hassle.

How Can We Assist You?

We are here for you 24/7. Our Customer Success Team is called that way for a reason.

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    Ezysim empowers you to choose the best mobile plan and coverage for your needs.

    EzySim operates on the Vodafone 5G/4G network